About Us

At the heart of our mission is targeted nutrition for cellular-level health, delivering 'blueprint' ingredients to your cells, fostering natural repair, renewal, and vitality, all without the use of hormones.

Our team of experts combines extensive research and knowledge to develop formulations that deliver exceptional results. We prioritize the use of natural ingredients and adhere to stringent quality standards to ensure the efficacy and safety of our products

Our Founders

Dr. William Hanson Ph.D.

Doctor / Formulator / Researcher

Dr Hanson, although deceased, has left a lasting legacy of his unique understanding of human nutrition. In 1947, at the age of 26, he co-authored the book, "Protomorphology" - The Principals of Cell Autoregulation". This book introduced research indicating that pattern-making molecules, which he called protomorphogens, could influence genetics, biochemical status and, as a consequence, health. Now, over half a century later, terms like nucleic acid, DNA and RNA are part of our everyday language, but the contribution Dr Hanson made to that body of knowledge is still extremely relevant. Dr Hanson's research looked at how concentrations of organ-specific nucleic materials influenced cellular health. In fact, the foundation of the Global Enzyme range is based upon Dr Hanson's principle that a wide variety of different nutritional components function at a cellular and coenzyme level.

Dr Hanson was more than just an experimental scientist. He devoted his life to improving methods of extraction, dissolution, concentration and testing of the nutrtional ingredients.

He understood that unless an ingredient is absorbed it has no value to the system, and developed technology and techniques for extracting nutrients and testing their absorption. Dr Hanson's standards became accepted by pharmaceutical and nutrition supplement companies worldwide.

Dr Hanson's initial success came in the early fifties, with his development of methods for enzyme extraction. Working with zoologists and zoological authorities, he introduced unique predigested food concentrates which reduced the death rate of imported wild animals by fifty percent. In fact, the first successful mating of South American otters in captivity was achieved by using these concentrates, which combined vitamin extracts with nucleic acids in their coenzyme form. 1952 saw the introduction of the first chelated mineral, for which Hanson was awarded a US Patent (chelated calcium). These formulas were soon in demand by the newly developing preventative medical field.

A number of substances within the body may function as coenzymes including ribose sugar, phosphate, a vitamin, nucleic acid base and trace minerals. Vitamins and minerals must be assimilated in the diet. Although the body produces nucleic acids, in many individuals there can be a problem with bioavailability.

Most vitamin users assume that vitamins are the only missing element in the coenzyme structure. Global Enzyme products, however, include nucleic acids, peptides and trace minerals for each vitamin in the formula, thereby answering the needs of a much larger population.