Targeted nutrition for cellular-level health

Our supplements deliver 'blueprint' ingredients to your cells, nourishing specific organs to support natural repair and renewal, all hormone-free and organic.

Targeted Organ Nourishment
Supports Cellular Renewal
Hormone-Free Formulation
Scientifically Researched

Hi, we're Global Enzyme.

We're a company that crafts organ-specific supplements, utilizing RNA/DNA nucleic acids and peptides, with the goal of promoting cellular health and overall wellness. This hormone-free patented technology, first developed by Dr. William Hansen, Ph.D., has been incorporated into the wellness routines of many individuals.

Discover the science of wellness

Unlocking your natural potential

We draw inspiration from nature's wisdom, incorporating carefully selected RNA/DNA nucleic acids and peptides derived from living organisms into our supplements. These ingredients are chosen with the intention of promoting cellular health and overall wellness. Our scientifically formulated supplements aim to work in harmony with the body's natural processes.

Targeted wellness for cellular renewal

Our supplements are carefully designed with a focus on precision and scientific understanding. They utilize the potential of RNA/DNA nucleic acids and peptides, aiming to provide targeted support at the cellular level. The intention is for these elements to serve as guides for cellular processes within specific organs, thereby promoting a sense of cellular well-being and renewal.

Science-backed cellular repair

Drawing on scientific research, our supplements are designed with the intention of supporting cellular health and overall wellness. Our formulations are developed based on current scientific understanding, with the aim of complementing your body's natural processes. They are intended to interact at the cellular level, promoting a sense of well-being and renewal.

Harnessing nature's wisdom for well-being

We respect and draw inspiration from the power of nature in our approach to overall well-being. Our supplements are thoughtfully crafted, aiming to work in harmony with your body's natural processes. By incorporating elements derived from nature, we strive to offer a holistic approach to wellness.

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Discover our top-selling supplements, expertly crafted for your holistic health and wellness.

Backed by science

Harnessing the power of RNA/DNA nucleic acids and peptides, our scientifically researched supplements offer a natural and effective approach to supporting wellbeing, promoting overall health and vitality.

of the population are suffering from one or more vitamin or mineral deficiency
of people experience physical or mental health issues because of stress

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A Life-Changing Health Transformation!

Ever since I started incorporating these supplements into my routine, I've felt a real boost in my energy and overall well-being. Ova Zinc and Metabolic Support have become a regular part of my day and I've noticed a positive difference. Ferriplex, in particular, has been a standout for me. Each product feels like it's been crafted with real care and attention, and I'm so grateful for the benefits they've brought to my life.

Alison Davis

Revitalized Health, Thanks to These Incredible Supplements!

Hey there! Just had to drop a line and give a shout-out to the Global Enzymes team. My hubby's been trying this thing called Orchiplex-Zi and, I tell ya, it's like he's a new man. And me? I've been on this Livaform journey and it's been nothing short of amazing. You remember those pesky pimples on my back and chin? Gone, just like that! Plus, these guys deliver so fast and their customer care is top-notch. It's like we're finally getting a handle on our health, one day at a time!

Sabrina Wong